My swan song

After almost five years at Swan, I am leaving! I’ll still be in the field, so I plan to take everything I have learned here at Swan with me.  And that is a lot…I’m immensely proud of what I have learned and achieved at Swan. It’s an intense job and the scope of my role was beyond that of a DOS which meant I learned about areas outside of my comfort zone.


I have worked with some great teachers.  TEFL teachers are an amazing bunch who are attracted to the field for a wide variety of reasons. I helped to keep people in jobs during an economic downturn. Things were tough when I first joined. Really tough. For everyone, not just ELT. But, through a commitment to gold-standard quality and solid basic standards, the school maintained its position in the market (if not rising further) and continued to provide students with lessons and teachers with a job. I hope things continue to improve for the teachers (the only indispensable staff members in a school!). Was great meeting you all, and thank you!


EAQUALS recognition was an incredible high point in my career at Swan! One of the first of only a handful of Irish schools – an absolute honour. And the tender for English language services at a third level institution!  The rebrand was interesting. I’d been involved in marketing from the start of my appointment at Swan and working on the project was eye-opening. Seeing it all come together was fun, hard work and very rewarding.


I’ll miss the great team at Swan!  Joanne, Magda, Laura, Danielle, Joana, Joe, Helen, Lin, Michael, Oliver and Gillian – THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! It has been fun!

And, of course, the people who brought a tear to my eye today at the thought of saying goodbye.  The people we do it all for.  Our students!  We have the best students, I have been truly honoured to meet some incredible students over the years. I will really miss seeing these friendly faces in the corridor and I wish you all a 9 in IELTS and success in whatever you wish for your time after Swan!

What a 5 years it has been.  THANK YOU!  I’ll never forget it.

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