What is the inspiration behind our new look?

What is the inspiration behind our new look?

As the Director of Studies, I am usually busy coordinating the teaching and the quality of our courses. I do know that the school environment can have a huge impact on making students and teachers feel comfortable, which in turn has a positive effect on learning.

The Swan quotes around the school and in your classrooms are there to make you think! They are inspired by poetry, literature and rock music. We hope you enjoy reading them.
The Swan image in our reception area was captured by one of Ireland’s top wildlife photographers, Mark Carmody. Mark  took this photograph on a clear, cold winter’s morning at Lough Gur in County Limerick – it shows two male and one female Mute Swans (check out the rest of Mark’s work here). I chose this particular print because of its symbolism – notice the clear reflections of the three swans? Learning a language is a reflective process, and good teachers should always engage in reflection. The Swans are taking off in flight, and education – especially learning a language – empowers you to take off and fly! Finally, can notice how the swans’ wings have just dipped into the water? Here at Swan Training Institute we aim to enable you to dip into the sea of knowledge.

The Patrick Kavanagh poem (see previous post) is one which inspired the directors Michael and Oliver when they were setting up the school. As you may know, also from my last post, the school is named after the Swan River.  Does this help explain why our classrooms all have such strange names? They are all named after rivers of Dublin.

The new look of the school is only a start. As we continue to develop the quality of our courses, we will also continue to make the school a welcoming environment for students and staff. All in all, what better way to start the celebrations of our 25th birthday this year and a wonderful tribute to the name of our school!


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